Richard Adatto is a world-renowned expert on French aerodynamic cars. He has been a judge at numerous concours d'elegance around the world, including the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, and he is an international prize-winning author of and contributor to multiple automotive books, magazines, and journals. Richard's love of cars began in San Francisco in 1979. A professional crewman for competitive racing sailboats, Richard was in the City by the Bay to board his next vessel, but fortunately, he quite literally missed the boat. Tired of helming other people's toys, he decided to take advantage of opportunity. The International Auto Show was taking place in San Francisco that weekend; Richard attended, saw his first Delahaye, and immediately fell in love with the marque. He purchased the car and soon became one of the first people to race vintage cars in the Pacific Northwest.

Since that time, Richard has personally restored three Delahayes and one Talbot-Lago, another famous French marque, and has been involved in many other restorations in an advisory capacity. He has gained intimate knowledge of such cars' inner workings, and has driven his Delahayes in numerous rallies, including the Monte Carlo Rally. Richard's passion for classic cars has led to long-term friendships with some of France's most well-established coachbuilders, permitting him to fully understand and appreciate automotive styling and design, and the inspirations from which they spring.

Richard is a resident of Seattle, Washington, but he travels internationally helping car collectors assess and appraise potential acquisitions. He has traveled to England, Japan, France, and numerous other locals pursuing the beauty of the automobile. Richard has also written and co-authored numerous books, including From Passion to Perfection, Delage Styling and Design, Curves of Steel, Delahaye Styling and Design, The Art of Bugatti, and French Curves.

Articles & Interviews

Richard consulted and provided original source material for New York Times best-selling author Neal Bascomb's book Faster published March 2020.

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Richard appeared on two episodes of "One of a Kind", the show on Discovery's network Velocity, to offer his expertise on Talbot Lago & Delahaye vintage cars.

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